Qwik-Flo Honey


Made with pure honey and cane sugar, Qwik-Flo® Honey Granules and Powder are manufactured through ASR's unique co-crystallization process to create a free-flowing, instantly soluble ingredient.


  • Ideal for use in bakery mixes, cereals, confections, desserts, seasonings, dried soups and beverage applications, the distinctive smooth honey flavour and pure golden colour complement and enhance a range of light to robust sweet and savoury tastes. Qwik-Flo® Honey enables manufacturers to make significant cost savings, as the characteristic honey taste is not regularly available at such an attractive price point, without the addition of flavourings or Maltodextrin for spray-dried products.


  • This free flowing, quick dissolving ingredient (Maltodextrin free) can be flavoured with chocolate, mango, salted caramel and more – the possibilities are endless.


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