Lyle's Topping Syrups


"Lyle’s® Topping Syrups are an established grocery product in a 325g bottle. They now come in a convenient, 750g bottle with an easy-open flip cap, ideal for foodservice. Primarily used for topping, the growing range of flavours includes famous Golden Syrup, velvety smooth Chocolate, rich Butterscotch and sweet Strawberry. Honey and Maple flavours offer competitively priced, great tasting alternatives for consumers and foodservice. 325g squeezy bottle Golden Syrup Strawberry Chocolate Butterscotch Maple Flavour Honey Flavour 750g squeezy bottle Light (Nordic) Maple Flavour Dark (Nordic) Honey Flavour Bread (Nordic) Treacle White (Nordic) Strawberry Chocolate Butterscotch"




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