Black Cane Treacle Syrup 30-83


Black Cane Treacle Syrup is a thick black syrup containing sucrose, glucose and fructose, plus other minerals and flavour compounds found naturally in sugar cane.


  • With a powerful, slightly bitter taste, Black Cane Treacle Syrup adds depth, flavour and moistness to a range of sweet and savoury products, including confectionery, liquorice, rich cakes, dark sauces and marinades. A stalwart ingredient, it is commonly used in gingerbread, speculoos biscuits and BBQ sauces.


  • Our Molasses is food-grade refined molasses. However, its composition is dependent on the source of raw sugar being refined, so we use it as a base and blend in sugar syrups and then control the brix to achieve a range of treacle products of consistent quality. It is a delicate process, one we have perfected over many decades.


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