Qwik-Flo Dark Molasses


Manufactured through ASR's co-crystallization process, Qwik-Flo® Dark Molasses Sugar is a free-flowing sugar made from sucrose and cane molasses. An ideal alternative in applications where conventional molasses is not possible due to moisture and viscosity.


  • Quick dissolving properties make this sugar ideal for use in both liquid and dry food applications and the low moisture content (less than 1%) allows for a longer and stable shelf life in merchandise. Distinctive flavour characteristics complement and enhance sweet and savoury tastes, adding body and mouth feel to bakery, cereal, confections, prepared foods, soups and seasonings. Qwik-Flo® Dark Molasses is certified Kosher for Passover and contains no starch carriers or flow agents.


  • Our Molasses is food-grade refined molasses. However, its composition is dependent on the source of raw sugar being refined, so we use it as a base and blend in sugar syrups and then control the brix to achieve a range of treacle products of consistent quality. It is a delicate process, one we have perfected over many decades.


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