RTU Fondant - Emulsifier Free


A clean label version of a standard RTU fondant, this emulsifier-free product contains no E-Numbers. Made from sugar, glucose syrup and water, it has a creamy consistency and tender melting.


  • Requiring no tempering or water addition this fondant is ideal as a ready-to-use glaze. The regular crystal size means consistently smooth textures in baking and confectionery, resulting in a versatile, easy-to-manage product that is emulsifier-free.


  • The Firm Fondant is a hard fondant, ideal for fudges and creating enrobed confectionery centres, while the Ready-To-Use Fondant can be used to create a stable and glossy ready-to-use glaze or icing.


Brand Packing Type Sap Case Pack Net Weight Gross weight Pallet Tihi Case Dimension Unit Cube Wet/Dry Solids % Ingredients Pack Formats
tate+lyle sugars - food manufacturers 15kg pail Granulation Glucose % (on solids) Comment