RTU Fondant


ASR's Ready to Use (RTU) Fondant has a creamy consistency and tender melting. Made from sucrose, glucose syrup and water, the addition of an emulsifier creates an opaque colour and prevents sticking.


  • Extremely versatile and ideal for use as a ready-to-use glaze, RTU Fondant produces consistently fine and smooth results in baking and confectionery. The product requires no tempering or water addition, making it simple to use and highly adaptable for both home baking and more industrial operations. The addition of an emulsifier makes it resistant to sticking, a bonus for goods that are packaged.


  • The Firm Fondant is a hard fondant, ideal for fudges and creating enrobed confectionery centres, while the Ready-To-Use Fondant can be used to create a stable and glossy ready-to-use glaze or icing.


Brand Packing Type Sap Case Pack Net Weight Gross weight Pallet Tihi Case Dimension Unit Cube Wet/Dry Solids % Ingredients Pack Formats
tate+lyle sugars - food manufacturers 15kg pail Granulation Glucose % (on solids) Comments