Medium Block Fondant


A sugar fondant consisting of sucrose, glucose and water, Medium Block Fondant has a creamy consistency and tender melting.


  • With a soft, dough-like quality and silky smooth texture this fondant has intermediate glucose level that gives it a pliable consistency and pleasing texture. An adaptable product, it can be used across a wide range of baking applications, including the production of fondant confectionery, filling for cakes, pastries, candies and more.


  • The Soft Fondant produces a softer, smoother texture with low risk of crystallisation, while the Medium Fondant offers a wide range of bakery and confectionery applications – perfect for creating éclairs and crème fillings.


Brand Packing Type Sap Case Pack Net Weight Gross weight Pallet Tihi Case Dimension Unit Cube Wet/Dry Solids % Ingredients Pack Formats
tate+lyle sugars - food manufacturers 15kg , 12.5kg Case pail Returnable Crate Granulation Glucose % (on solids) Comment